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Cladding Stabilisers


A common problem with just having a multi-washed fine Silica Sand as a surface in its own right is the surface 'riding deep' this causes the horse to work into the surface rather than on top of it.

This can be counteracted by incorporation synthetic additives into the sand. Designed to blend with the silica, the stabiliser will enhance the comfort, performance stability and structure of your sand and also improve energy return to the surface

Our range of cladding itemized below can be blended with existing surfaces or purchased to lay with your existing sand. The cladding fabric will significantly enhance the performance of your sand surface. They are easy to install.


Sand Surfaces require the addition of synthetic additives to provide binding and stability. At our production plant we recycle a wide range of selected blends of synthetic materials, specially shredded, chopped and blended, to incorporate into new or existing sand surfaces.

Benefits(When mixed with new or existing silica sand/rubber)

  • Instantly ready to use
  • Shock Absorption
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Does not require watering
  • Dust free
  • Sure footed
  • Increased Traction
  • Reduced Penetration
  • Cushioning
  • Minimal kickback
  • High energy return
  • Long lasting
  • Low maintenance
  • Moisture Retention
  • Free draining
  • Environmentally friendly